Stationary Cells


Tubular Positive Plates
The Spine grids are pressure die cast rending the grids dense and fine grained. The grids are provided with elliptical fins to hold the tubular bag with active material .

The tubular bag is charecterised by:

  • High Oxidation Resistance

  • High Acid Resistance

  • Good Porosity

  • High Rupture Strength 

 Pasted Negative Plates

 They consist of grids with a ribbed structure over which active material is pasted. the active material is a blend of Oxide, special additires and expanders which aid long life and better performance. 

Applications :

6V, 120 AH Batteries for    
  • Train Lighting
  • Fans
  • Water Coolers 

Specifications :



AH Cap.At 10 Hr. Rate

Overall  Dimensions    L            W            H

DX 210 R.

3DX 120 R.





260        200         360

440        185         375